My interest in marketing began after a 2-day MBA program at Hacettepe University. Since then, I have improved myself as a creation of marketing and market. I have been reading books and researching the lives of the world-famous on marketing. Following the trend of social media, social media marketing, blog marketing, and I focused on my narrowed area of interest. Blog sites are necessary to customers establish contact with the warmer, for improve brand awareness. Blog developing publishing in Turkey is still. Today, the marketing, the stage live in 3.0. The marketing cater to the customer’s heart and mind to spirit. This is why consumers are more aware now and future. This had the chance to see more clearly the difference between brand and customer. I would say get me access to the information provided in advance to understand customer expectations. Customers are not past like!
I founded for consumer information platform marketing blog site and personally I am writing at
I would like to thank Bartin American Cultural Association Language School which gives me the opportunity to do this study.


Businesses marketing 3.0, social media marketing and how to use and what needs to be, consumers requests, which shed light on the future marketing research. In the book marketing world masters (Philip Kotler, David Scott, Peter Drucker, etc.) books, websites, social media marketing utilized.


1- Development of Marketing and Marketing 3.0

Marketing is process businesses product and services. Marketing 1.0 is a type of traditional marketing and product-centric marketing. The marketing consumer is not conscious. Marketing. 2.0 is a type of consumer-oriented marketing. In this marketing conscious consumers are aware of everything. Marketing 3.0 is available today and the future of marketing. These marketing costumers cater to mind, heart, and soul. Consumers are no longer the same as those in the past. Consumers are researching and learning. Today, consumers, firstly, go shopping to seek out comment and then speak about shopping. Communication among consumers never ends. Marketing 3.0 is still not used.
According to experts, the future of marketing 3.0 marketing technique, and it can captures companies it will be brand and according to Philip Kotler’a known as the father of marketing, “marketing happen with 4p”. These are: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. This 4p, terms guiding to the marketing strategy. Due to the development of the Internet, social media marketing subject will focus on the next.


A- Social Media Marketing and Marketing 3.0

Today, the most active marketing is social media marketing. Social media marketing developed with technology and it is important part of our life. Almost everyone has a Facebook account and companies are using Facebook account , but how used to effective is it?
Social media marketing environments in Turkey, Facebook, Twitter, emailing, blogs, mobile marketing, video-picture shares, podcats etc… Facebook, Twitter and blog sites are common in our country, so I talk about them. Facebook-Twitter are used correctly, a very nice marketing environment. But it is not used correctly; most of the employers opening an account are not interested after. If you are not the leader of the sector, you should prepare marketing strategies for these environments. But if you leaders of the sector, you should management environments for these marketing strategies.
Blogs refer to web daily. Blog is the secret of the castle because you are only under control. You can design, you can manage and you can share contact. You have copyright.

For example: Lawyer Griffiths has a blog site at Kansas. She wins many customers with contact on week. Griffiths says “my blog is, newspaper, office, nameplate”


B- CRM and Marketing 3.0

“We do not have a marketing department, the customer’s department. Do not have a staff department, there are people on the department. Southwest Airline Company of Director”
Customer relationship management, showed presence with marketing 3.0. Marketers can understand marketing 3.0 they will be successful in crm.
According to Peter: The cost of winning a new customer costs 5x more costly than the available customers
No longer marketing 3.0, it’s not product marketing
Crm is different on the internet. Because there is not sales face to face. But there is applied online crm site entered for every user. Customers want to realty and sincerity on the net . One customer disappeared mean, many customers disappeared.

Existing customers are more valuable than new customers, because existing customers will be yours everyday. All new customers might not be yours.
For example: Does Starbucks sell $3 coffee, or does it hire people a place to socialize? So, businesses should make the distinction between a good and bad customer!


C- Mobil Marketing and Marketing 3.0

Mobil Marketing is showing its own power nowadays and it can show it more and more day by day. When you think of marketing, first mobile banking comes to mind, and social networking sites and places information programs.
There are bluetooth connection with mobile marketing. İt’s location-based marketing type, send to picture, video, text a message

For example: Foursquare is location reporting tool. This is program indicating location. In this way, it can increase visibility of brands.
So, can made payments, give you way information (navigation), access to social sites and make contact with friend.


D- E-Commerce and Marketing 3.0

“There are only a profit center, then the customer. Peter Drucker”
People living together with the internet and marketing developed in this direction. Consumers are possible read reviews and can market search on the internet. So that, can find cheap product, can find qualified product.
Nowadays, e-commerces sites more preferred with marketing 3.0. E-commerce
more increase the importance of. E-commerce has more cheap products, even sometimes send with cargo (free), because it’s all too easy to.


E- Viral Marketing and Marketing 3.0

“Our business value of is the job, McDonald’s of CEO”
Viral marketing is given name than virüs. Viral marketing spread like a virus word of mouth. Viral marketing is the best type of marketing because comments, might cause new purchases. Viral marketing bring new customers.
Where did you get? How much did you get? Are you pleased ?
Answer: Viral Marketing
This might enrich brands because costumers are newsmonger..


2- Think Like a Consumer

Consumers attract like own happy new customers and consumers are might create market . These not enough cheap products and open an account on social media for successful. Sometimes, these causes can’t update sites. İf you should update sites, it can increase devotion.
Consumer says “This thing, I’m looking for”
Consumer want to interest, want to answer, want to entertainment, want to find himself.
Marketing is not mean from social media. A think if Facebook close, what happened? So, The best marketing appeal customer’s to heart, mind and spirit.


3- Why Companies Unsuccessful in Marketing 3.0 ?

” My guarantee of the quality, my products is not, but my customers return. SİEMENS”
 Adhere to social channels, drop-sites and accounts, being kept up to date
 The first not to be do the same thing to project,
 Make wrong marketing with contradictory sentences
 Do false site design and do false management
 To use the classic old marketing methods

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