1. What are the secrets to being so high traffic on your blog?

The 2 secrets are 1. creating the best content that is focused for your audience 2. Building a large loyal following on social networks


  1. How do you evaluate status and future of social media in Turkey?

How do you evaluate status and future of social media in Turkey? I spoke in Turkey last year and in Istanbul social media was very vibrant with Facebook being the largest network. I think the future is bright for technology based and socially powered blogs and websiteswith as the country continues to grow rapidly and progress.


  1. What is necessary for an effective blog and crm?

I think that building an email list as well as growing your social network channels is very important for a blogger. A CRM can be useful but starting a simple but effective email marketing platform such as Aweber or Mailchimp is a good place to start without over complicating it


  1. What was your had vision coming in these days

I think that building a blog that also is optimised for mobiles with a responsive theme is becoming vital. Also I would be keeping my eye on Google+ as it is rapidly growing and gathering a large following of nearly 500 million users. Also Twitter is often undererestimated and should be an important part of your social media marketing as it is now rolling out self service advertising like facebook


  1. What recommendations can you readers?

I would recommend that you just start a blog and use it to build a platform for your business and perrsonal brand and then persist. It will take time and effort. Think of it as building an online asset

Thank you Jeff Bullas